Thursday, October 19, 2017

Daily Decluter

I think I have my living room back! I moved out the last boxes, including a box of tagged, priced and inventoried clothes. I moved the empty totes out to the barn, so I can get them when I need them and move around when I don't. I do not have a pile of things I need to decide about, lurking next to my chair. (How will I clean the stain off this shirt? What will I do with the vintage baby clothes?) Ok, I have one shirt with an ink stain I need to remove, and soon, because it's a Christmas shirt. But that's so much better!  For now, they go out to the barn so my living space will be living space, not storage space.

I even managed to post an item to ebay. I decluttered some lids that make mason jars into travel mugs -- but I have a travel mug I like, and I mostly just use my regular mug anyway. So these can go live with someone who will use them, and I can stop feeling guilty about them!

All my laundry is washed, folded, and put away. That used to be a foregone conclusion, but lately things have been lingering in laundry baskets, or worse, laundry baskets have been full of clothes for the shop.

Tonight (or early tomorrow) I will complete the menu and shopping list for next week, and finish my errands for the week. It will set me up to stay on top of things next week!

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