Thursday, November 30, 2017

Daily Declutter

I'm decluttering a lot more slowly lately, but I'm still moving forward. I got rid of a Christmas garland that I never liked, and passed it along to someone who is really thrilled to have it. I finally sold a game on ebay that has been lingering there for repeated months.

I finally posted to ebay a toy that has been flowing around for months. I'll tell myself that it will sell faster this time of year. I'm not sure I'll believe that I'm better off ignoring it for months to sell it fast now, but I will be glad it's finally dealt with. I also posted some feed bags, as I know people use them to craft shopping bags. I've been collecting the bags for a while now, and it feels good to move them toward their forever home. ;)

I continue to have floor space, with very few clothes for the shop sitting around the living room. I've been pricing more slowly, but I'll still count this a win. We've collected so much in advance that I don't need to spend a lot of time right now shopping, washing and tagging. Ok, actually I have a lot of tagging to do. But I made good use of my time earlier in the year so I will have less to work on right now.

I don't have a lot to get rid of, but I will appreciate the increased time I have for enjoying my family during this busy time of year!

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