Monday, December 4, 2017

Clutter Creeps

It's back. I am so frustrated with the clutter that has recolonized every surface in my home.

I have Christmas cards on the bar; I have wrapping materials on the floor; I have actual gifts in the living room. Schoolbooks and mending and shopping bags and unfolded laundry are scattered around everywhere else.

When life gets busy (and I am beginning the busiest week of my year, bar none) I leave clutter around as anxious little gifts to myself. In addition to having very little time to myself, I also get to enjoy constant reminders of the things I need to do when I'm done with what I'm doing.

So today will be dedicated to getting clutter busted. I will fold the laundry and write my Christmas letter and shove the wrapping box out of the way. (I'm not ready to start wrapping yet!)

Physical clutter on top of a breakneck schedule is a recipe for a crabby, grumpy, non-festive attitude. Which will make me feel guilty about disrupting everyone else's mood.

And I will ask others to pitch in with tasks like addressing envelopes. I don't have to micromanage every task, especially the ones that are important to other people.

I will declutter my mind as well as my environment.

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