Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daily Declutter

I'm working to get back on schedule. I shopped for meals through Thursday, and I will be going shopping Friday as usual. In menu planning I cleaned out the pantry (again), getting rid of a couple things I didn't want, and using empty space better. I have open shelving in the kitchen; as I use up the contents of the jars on the open shelves I have not been replenishing as I once did. I will likely not be making chili for the next several months, and I will buy chili beans when autumn approaches. Right now that jar can be used to hold pasta. Thus, the pasta shelf is emptier and more easily examined and things are less likely to be overlooked.

I also looked at a couple other ingredients I primarily use in winter. Dried mushrooms will be converted to mushroom powder or mushroom salt and used up instead of sitting on the shelf for six more months. Coconut flour will become muffins this weekend.

However, when I was putting the suitcases away in the shed, I found a scene of horror and desolation. Ok, maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but it sure felt like it! People have been shoving things in the shed, and it's virtually impossible to walk around in there. At least I know what I need to work on next! I hope to spend some time out there tomorrow, and in the coming week, to determine what is necessary or desired by my family and what can be donated. Desired things will be stored effectively. Although storing things is less efficient than just getting rid of stuff we aren't using, it does allow my family time to become detached, so they don't rebel against this whole "minimalism - thing" I've introduced.

All in all, things are back to the way they were before we hosted Easter dinner and went on vacation. I now feel I can move forward again.

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