Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Home from Vacation

I spent the last week on vacation with my parents. I lied to myself, and thought I'd post while I was gone, but we were so busy I never thought of it. Not once, until I was in the airport on the way home. Sorry to leave without explanation!

My parents treated us all to a week in Honolulu. It was an amazing experience that we could not have afforded on our own. I am so grateful for my parents, this time together, and this amazing gift!

Traveling by airplane and living in a hotel for a week emphasized how I love minimalism! For the four of us we packed two backpacks, two "carry on" luggage pieces and a dufflebag of snorkel gear. Moving around the airport was great, with each person having one bag to carry. I also learned some things about traveling -- in the future I'd leave the snorkel gear and just rent it there!

Having so few bags meant we had few items to clutter up our hotel room. My kids slept in my parents; room, and their space got pretty cluttered with twice as many people, and my parents had brought more luggage than we did. Enjoying the clean space was very nice! However, we did get rather cluttered by the end of the week because we had purchased things but those things didn't have a "spot." For example, we bought crackers for lunch (crackers, cheese, almond butter and a pineapple make an easy picnic lunch) but there was no kitchen in the room, so they just sort of sat out and shifted around until we finished them up.

I think I could have brought less, and been equally happy. Having less to transport, maintain and collect certainly is easier and more enjoyable than having more.

I will write more about minimalism and this past holiday, but today will be spent in recovery. We need milk, fruit and clean laundry, and that will be my focus for today.

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