Friday, April 28, 2017

Daily Declutter

I started making wool felt balls out of the "craft supplies I need to use up or give away." I also realized that I like browsing Pinterest more than I like actually making things. And I like making things because I need to use something more than I am apt to find a pin, then gather the supplies and go make something. So forcing myself to use up supplies is beneficial in a couple of ways: I will have Christmas presents completed before Christmas, I will clear out clutter, and I am learning about myself. All good things!

However, craft projects are fairly messy. I have felt balls drying on the window sill in the kitchen, and wool roving sitting around waiting to me made. I wonder if making "things" will be something that will fall by the wayside as I become more minimalist. I do know that I am having a harder time finding things to make that don't seem like clutter.

I also am making dried loquats and loquat liqueur. The dried fruit will be for snacks, the liqueur will probably be for gifting, depending on how it turns out. One year the liqueur turned out dark brown instead of lovely golden. I still tasted good, but it wasn't lovely for gifting.

This is the weirdest declutter project I have heard of, but while I was rummaging around to see if I had enough vodka to make liqueur I decided to declutter my wine store. No, not like that! Seriously, I have several bottles of wine that I know have to have been there since at least last Easter, if not the year before that. These are not vintage bottles that I will save for my grandchildren's christening -- they need to find a home. I cannot offer them to family, since family gave them to me, so I will be offering them to the other moms in my daughter's dance class. (I envision myself standing by the trunk of the car handing out bottles of wine, and it is not a pretty picture.)

I made blueberry vodka for a nephew's birthday. I'll pack it with the recipe for blueberry vodka lemonade (how's that for a summer refreshment?) and some chocolate port I found, I know port's more of a winter drink, but it sounded too good to pass up. I'll be packaging the vodka in a cute bottle I've been saving for years, so that counts as decluttering as well. (Bonus: the aging vodka is in the cupboard, so it doesn't look cluttery as it steeps.)

Are you getting rid of things? Let me know!

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