What is Minimalist-ing?

Minimalist-ing is the process of becoming more of a minimalist. I don't know if minimalism, for me, is a destination as much as an ongoing goal. I want to eliminate all the extraneous elements of my life, and focus my attention on the elements that are most important to me.

Minimalist-ing is an ongoing effort to make my life, and the life of my family, more focused. It is the effort to reduce our consumption, but increase our impact.

I have been on this road a long time, and I feel the need to document my progress. By documenting my progress toward a more minimalist lifestyle, I hope to encourage both myself and others to live more simply and more mindfully.

You'll probably notice there aren't a lot of gorgeous pictures: photography isn't a skill I own, and I don't yet have the time (or desire) to photograph a cup of hot tea. I hope you'll enjoy my words all the same.

As this is a process, I know there will be setbacks. I know there will be days when the house is messy, days when I am crabby without a reason, days when goals are not met. That's what the "-ing" is for: moving forward, not back, and keeping moving.

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  1. This actually sounds like a wonderful idea. Focusing on important aspects are exactly what I need to do in life. I need to start minimalisting too!