Thursday, January 17, 2019

Guilt, Duty and Clutter

I've been working to move clutter out. I would like to get some money for some of it, and this week I've been surprisingly successful! A tea cup, a collectible ceramic butter churn, and a wooden armoire all moved out to a new home.

I feel better about finding a good home for things, rather than just dropping them off at the charity shop. If they have a good new home, I don't need to remain responsible to them.

Marie Kondo is in the media again (still), and I really liked some of what she wrote about. But as much as I like her perspective on thanking your clutter for what it has done, then letting it go, I have difficulty -- I still feel responsible to it! I really feel better when I limit what I bring into the house, rather than simply rely on later decluttering efforts to simplify my space. For one thing, if I just don't bring the clutter in, I don't need to spend the day(s) later taking it back out.

I was really happy today, because I was able to return an unwanted plastic toy to the shop. It was given to me, as a joke gift, over Christmas. I was so happy to be able to take it back, because I was able to tell myself that someone who does want it will be able to purchase it there new, and hopefully one fewer plastic toy will be made. (Yes, I know it doesn't work that way, but it makes me feel better). If I had simply dropped it off at Goodwill (my initial plan) I'd have still have felt guilty, because it wouldn't have decreased the demand for useless plastic toys. I know, I have an overdeveloped sense of guilt.

In conclusion, I've moved clutter out to other homes, where other people actually want it! Maybe they'll even buy less new clutter, because they are able to buy my clutter instead? And I remain committed to preventing the flow of clutter into my home, because of an overdeveloped sense of duty (cue Gilbert and Sullivan) makes me want to keep my clutter after I know I no longer actually want it. I will embrace the slow move forward, and be grateful that slowly moving forward is better than moving backward!

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