Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Daily Declutter

Today I spent four hours dropping my son's chickens at the fair. The actual process was smooth, but the traffic was outside what I would imagine. I know some people deal with traffic like this every day, and I am so grateful not to have to deal with that sort of thing. Reducing my wants, so I can avoid driving an hour through traffic, is worth it to me, especially when I am reminded like this! We made it home safely, and I am grateful. We were force to resort to our "emergency bubbles;" I keep a bottle of bubbles in the car, and my son blew bubbles out the window as we sat in traffic. The bubbles definitely elevated my mood, and I am hoping it helped some of the other drivers as well.

At home I did not make a lot of progress decluttering, but I did get most of the laundry washed. It is necessary, and it is almost done. Tomorrow morning I will was a couple more loads and make sure everything is put away. I found a couple more items of winter wear and I will make sure all our winter clothes are collected together and put out to storage.

The only thing I can really say I got decluttered is a wooden chair we have been storing in the garage. If it's only being stored it is not something we need to keep. I know it won't make a big difference, but every little bit helps. I hope to get a wooden window seat posted to Craigslist (my husband built it as a stand-alone, and my daughter no longer wants it. Hopefully someone else will have a little girl who wants to live in the olden days.).

I am wondering if my version of a minimalist life is the same as life on vacation. Both are (ideally) simple and focused on family. When I think about what I like about vacation I think of a minimalist life, either in a campsite or in a rented suite I appreciate how everything I need is present, but I don't have too much to deal with. Can I make everyday more like summer vacation?

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