Friday, June 2, 2017

Daily Declutter

Today is shopping day. I have a menu made out, my shopping list written up. I just have to get it all done in an hour and a half while my son is in class. More likely he'l have to wait in the media center for a bit, but he can use that time to study for finals.

List night I had a hard conversation (for me) with my daughter. Years ago she was really into Little House on the Prairie, and she received a couple of antiques to help her play "olden days." I had the only little girl (5 years old?) who was ecstatic to receive an old wringer and washtub for her birthday. She's wash doll clothes with it, and even bought a washboard to go with it. But she hasn't used it in years, or the treadle sewing machine she received a couple years later, and they both take up a lot of space. So last night I asked if she still wanted them...and she was completely causal about getting rid of them. "Oh, no, I had forgotten about that, and I don't think I'll ever use it again." I've been putting off asking her, but it was so easy! Next chance I get I'll post them to Craigslist, and move them out!

That's about all the productive I'll be today. Go shopping, put food away, then we're off to see Wonder Woman, then a family birthday. I really, really, hope Wonder Woman is good -- woman-positive and no moony romance. I haven't been to an opening weekend movie in a long time and I hope it works out!


  1. Oh my word, I totally can relate to that conversation with your daughter. I've had some like that with my girls, and after all my worry about how it was going to go over, found that they were totally cool with getting rid of whatever it was. Kids are way more flexible than I would have thought!

    1. Thanks for the support. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!