Monday, June 19, 2017

Daily Declutter

I'm back on the straight and narrow. Well, sort of. I cleared the peaches that needed to be frozen, and I cut up loquats to be dried. I put blankets and clothes out in the shed. I hung the string lights my husband received for Father's Day. My home looks much tidier.

I did not move anything out, but I dealt with a lot of the clutter that had begun building up. Unfortunately, due to the nature of summer, I have more peaches sitting on the counter, waiting to be processed. (I will make jam out of them Wednesday morning, so I can escape the house for the remainder of the day.) Fresh fruit will need to be picked and processed (or given away) often in the coming month. Hopefully zucchini will begin to come in, and zukes will sit, green and glowering, on the counter next to the peaches and grapes.

As I often do when I see so much bounty sitting around, I remind myself that I am fortunate to have so much. I'm also grateful for my earlier efforts to clean away clutter so I have room for the bounty that is coming in. Truly, a lot can be said for clearing clutter so I can receive new blessings.

I also am reminded that I need to just buckle down and complete projects, even if I don't feel the spirit move me. I did not finish the trivet I've been working on (for a couple months). For a while I was waiting for my son to be interested in finishing the project with me (he expressed interest. Once.). Now, I will finish this project the first opportunity I get, and just be glad it's done.

There's a lot to be said for done, and having space (physical and mental) to move on to the next thing.


  1. Sounds like great progress. I am wondering from reading your posts if you see your ideal life as filled with projects or activities that aren't projects? You seem to be happier with the activities but perhaps the projects are necessary?

    1. I'm having difficulty visualizing my ideal life because my family is growing and changing so much right now. You are right, I am more interested in activities than projects, but I felt that I needed to make projects with the kids when they were younger, and I enjoyed providing craft supplies immediately when they wanted to make something. I need to accept that I have no obligation to these inanimate objects, but in the meantime using up the materials (on projects that I do not need to keep) seems to help me transition from little kid family to big kid family. But yes, you're right, projects seem to weigh me down more than reward me. I appreciate the insight!