Monday, June 5, 2017

Daily Declutter

This weekend I reread the first couple Cherry Ames books I had saved for my daughter. There were fun, and a nice relaxing read for this weekend. My daughter admitted that she has no interest in every reading them, so they can go to ebay and someone else who will love them. The stories were especially interesting from a historical perspective; the nursing program was very different from the program nurses follow now. Also, the first books are set during World War II, which adds an additional historical element. (In later books Cherry serves as a Dude Ranch Nurse and a Department Store Nurse, among other titles, which makes me curious about what was going on back then!) Today I will need to photograph and post these books in anticipation of moving a box of books out of the shed.

I decluttered a vintage Nancy Drew title that got lost and didn't get posted with the Nancy Drew books I sold earlier. It's not worth it to sell one book.

I also successfully found a home for the sewing machine and wringer washer my daughter no longer wants. The friend who gave them to us in the first place is happy to have them back. I'm glad they'll have a good home so quickly! I have a load of donations in the truck; after I drop them off at the thrift shop I'll load of these things and drop them off too. I'll have a bunch of new space by this weekend!

I finished emptying the chest freezer. Now all I have to do is empty out the water (it is not frost free!) and it can sit idle for a while. If I need to fill it this summer I will be happy to have it, and if I don't need to fill it this summer I will have evidence that it is not needed, so I can convince my husband to get rid of it.

Looking over what I've done today, I'm please that I've done so much. Granted, not much physically moved out of the house today, but I moved a lot out of my brain; things that were in my mind as "things I need to deal with" have had decisions made, and actions taken, and now they only need wait until someone else moves (or I drop off other stuff) so I can finish what I have decided to do. It feels almost the same, emotionally, as actually getting rid of stuff. Especially since I'm storing things in the shed until I actually get rid of them. (This is not a good strategy unless I already have a plan for them to leave permanently.)

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