Thursday, June 8, 2017

Daily Declutter

Last night I went to the thrift shop to look for picture frames for my daughter's room. When we painted her room when she was three we decorated the walls with an underwater theme: fish and seaweed, with waves and clouds above. However, now she is in middle school, and we are going to repaint, but she would like to keep some of the fish on the walls as mementos. We decided to frame those fish, and paint around the frames -- as if the fish were pictures, not part of the wall. To do this we need frames.

I actually had a need when I planned to go to the thrift shop. Everything was going well, except I brought my husband with me. Now, this man has many lovely attributes, but he is a clutter-er. He has no problem with his clutter lying around. To make a long story shorter, we cam home with a lot of stuff last night: a pile of comic books, a large thermos for water at the beach, a shirt for my daughter (to replace one she has grown out of), and a new hole punch for my son (his broke). In the grand scheme of things it's not a lot of stuff, but it certainly isn't moving in the right direction. (You may have noticed that picture frames are not on the "purchased" list. I will need to venture out again.)

Tomorrow we're finally celebrating my daughter's birthday with her friends, so the bulk of the morning was spend making a birthday cake and cleaning up from that. The remainder of the day will be spent with the family, sailing. (We rent a boat, which is the minimalist answer to boating! The upkeep on a sailboat is tremendous!) Tomorrow we will eat pizza, puppy chow and cheeze doodles, and run around playing laser tag.

In total, I don't expect to make a dent in our material load, but I am pursuing minimalism by focusing on my family and enjoying these beautiful days without responsibility, packed lunches or homework.

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