Thursday, June 15, 2017

Daily Declutter

The fair opens late, so I was able to tidy away a few things left from yesterday. I put my daughter's winter clothes out in the shed. I decided to get rid of one of her ski jackets (we live in southern California and we don't ski!). I made up a picnic lunch.

And I contemplated the stuff my daughter wants to save forever. I can't even complain, because these are things that I handed down to her, and now she wants to hand them down to her daughter, because she loved having things that were handed down from me.

Because I held on to two giant stuffed animals I will now be storing them until she moves out. I will also be saving the dollhouse my grandfather made for me, which I saved for my daughter. Not knowing if I would ever have a daughter (I might have had a troop of basketball-playing sons who would never look at a doll. I didn't know.)

At this point in my life, I don't want to save stuff. But I also have to recognize that it is unfair to force my daughter to get rid of things that are special to her because of their history.

I am glad that she didn't want to keep the Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames books I saved for her from my childhood. But I do wish I hadn't passed down quite so much stuff.

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