Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Daily Declutter

Sometimes the clutter turns invisible, and I overlook it. During the winter my husband keeps a couple of overshirts and a sweatshirt by the front door, so he can grab something warm on his way out the door. However, that season is passed, but his clothes continued to hang by the front door. I finally noticed, and they are now in the laundry, on their way out to the shed.

Likewise, I had a couple gallon storage jars sitting on the floor near a cabinet (out of the way). I finally realized that I have room to store these inside the cabinet now, since I've cleared out a lot of the stuff that was in there. More clutter gone.

I posted a toy to Craigslist, dropped an ebay package at the post office, and dropped a bag of jewelry at a the historical society for their shop. I spoke to the main office of the historical society, and they do want some local ephemera for their collection; I will stop by next week to drop those off in the collections office. I rehomed some clutter that's been piling up, and I tossed a shopping bag that has a hole in the bottom. I've had this bag for a long time, and I never use it because it has a hole. By getting rid of it, I will no longer have the frustration of picking up a bag with a hole then returning it to the car for another one before I can go into the store. Why would it take me so long to do this simple thing?

I am really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon, when all school materials must be turned in. The schoolbooks that are cluttering every flat surface will be out of the house, and I can begin working on some of the clutter the kids have accrued in binders, desks and floors (sigh).

This summer we will be redecorating my daughter's bedroom. I have new bedding and some decorative objects for her room; as soon as we have her room painted I can move her new decor into her room and out of my storage spaces. Us it or lose it, and we're finally going to use some of the stuff I've been storing for years!

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