Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Daily Declutter: Mom Was Right

I'm not proud of this. Last week I started mending a few items with my sewing machine, but then the kids' friends came over and I left the project out. And ever since, it's been sitting there, looking messy and taunting me with things undone.

So last night, after the kids were in bed (when I'm usually just a blob on the couch with a book) I finished making produce bags for shopping. They aren't perfect, but they are done! (I don't know where shopping bags go, but they do wander off!) After a week of looking at the pile of fabric, sewing machine and other debris, I'm done! Everything is tidied away!

I also finished up a spool of pumpkin orange thread (I don't make much in pumpkin orange) and threw that spool away. It felt surprisingly good to finish that off. (I do use the weird colors of thread for things that don't matter. I use the "normal" colors for altering my daughter's clothes, and things like that.)

I also packed up a bunch of sales on ebay and shipped them off. I used all reused boxes, or I created shipping boxes out of used boxes. I now have a lot fewer boxes sitting around, and I have a lot less clutter waiting for homes.

If I had just finished a week ago (as my mother taught me) I wouldn't have been taunted my undone projects all week -- and I would have felt calmer and less cluttered all week. Maybe I'll learn my lesson now. I think I'll go make my bed.

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  1. Decluttering is so helpful! like i did it two months back and it relaxed me so much! like i actually felt like a load had lifted off my shoulders