Friday, August 11, 2017

Still Here

We're opening the shop tomorrow! It's been a busy couple of weeks, getting things reorganized (so we can find things), getting the shop clean, and buying more children's clothing to sell.

Oh. My. Goodness. I have been doing so much buying. I shopped at the bins (the Goodwill Outlet). I shopped at garage sales. I shopped at thrift store. I bought So. Much. Stuff. Then I came home and washed it, and folded it, and left it in a big box in my living room, so we can enjoy a big messy box before I take the clothes up to my mom's and the shop.

So, the house is messy. I've been doing a LOT of shopping. Things are piled up. Have I lost everything I worked for so far in my walk toward minimalism? Not really.

I haven't bought much for myself. I got a wool sweater for myself and my husband (we share that sort of thing), a new tablecloth that I might be regretting, napkins for school lunches and a lovely Trader Joes canvas shopping bag. That's it for me, out of bags and bags of things I've brought home, and many more bags worth of things I've sorted through.

My routines are mostly holding up. (Not as much with the laundry routine -- people in my house have run out of clothes, but only the once. Even though I wash laundry almost every day.) I'm going grocery shopping today, I have my list and I'll finish my menu before I head out the door. I do have the storage space, which I'm using for one large item right now, to store clothing in the shed instead of in the living room. I just need to make that last step work.

I'm sorry summer is over (or about over. My husband's back at school, but the kids aren't) but I know it will be easier to slip into a routine when we aren't rushing off to the beach at a moment's notice. Not that I wouldn't put up with a certain amount of chaos in order to have that eternal summer. But I'm looking at the bright side.

So, what I really wanted to do is check in so you'd know I'm still here, still writing, and hoping to be back on a regular basis starting Monday. (I'll get some work done around the house, and let you know how the opening went.)

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