Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Daily Declutter

Decluttering is harder when you aren't home as often! I haven't been adding much to the house (except clothes for the shop, but they have a definite path out), but I haven't been clearing out much either. However, school started this week for the kids, so we can't go on adventures like we have been, and I suddenly have been home to get things done.

I didn't get any concrete clutter out of the house, but I did get a lot of mental clutter cleared. I got through a long to-do list of people to call -- appointments to make or change, service calls to arrange. I had a wonderful experience with Best Buy's service department which reconciled my terrible experience with my Samsung washer. I will be able to sleep better tonight with fewer to-dos on my list, and I expect the days will be calmer as a result.

I have been reading Gretchen Rubin's Happier at Home again, and this passage really struck me:

Many aspects of my life contributed to my feeling of hurry. Time might seem to be a very separate issue from possessions, for example, but I'd noticed that after I tackled clutter, not only did our apartment seem more spacious and organized, I also felt less hurried, because I could find and stow things easily...I had a place for everything, with nothing superfluous in my way, which gave me a feeling of unhurried-ness and mastery of the space around me.

This mastery of space and time is an aspect of minimalism, and I appreciate it as I feel it flow. I am on the ebb right now, with the introduction of the shop I am running with my mother and sister, but I feel the tide of peace there, and I do get moments to really appreciate that peacefulness, more now than before I started this project.  Getting my mental clutter cleared out is one more way to grasp the peace I find through minimalism.

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