Monday, August 14, 2017

Daily Minimalist

I didn't get any decluttering accomplished, but I did do a load of laundry, and we've worked out our schedule for the coming year. My son's taking a class two nights a week, the same two nights my daughter will be taking her class. This is good, because we will largely be together the other nights, but getting dinner on the table, and cleaned up afterwards, will be more challenging than in years past. Still. if we have a plan, we're half-way done.

Speaking of plans, I am glad to be back on my menu plan. Tonight we're just having veg and bread for dinner, but we've got a plan, and that's a good thing.

The kids (with motivation in the form of ice cream bribery) came up with their own plan for washing up every night once school starts. It's not the plan that I would have written, but then, I'm neither washing dishes nor did I need to negotiate a solution, so I'm being quiet on that score and serving up ice cream. I'm telling myself that negotiating a solution is a beneficial skill for the kids as well, so it was just good parenting.

As for the shop: we opened my mom's children's resale shop Saturday, and I am please with our success. I would, of course, be thrilled if we had made twice as much money, but we had a pretty constant stream of people in the shop, some buying and some selling. It gave us a great opportunity to learn how everything works (cash register, credit card machine, people bringing in clothes for sell-back) and we enjoyed meeting the people. We're hoping to have a Grand opening later (with cake) once we have the kinks worked out. But I do think we are successful so far.

On that note, my daughter and I went with her friend and her friend's mother to shop for back-to-school clothes at the thrift shop. The girls found plenty of clothes (that their mothers approved!) for a minimal amount of money, and they had a blast showing off their outfits to one another -- and coveting what the other girl found. They're planning to share a couple of outfits with each other, and nothing is too revealing for girls their age, so I'm happy with our results.

In all, although I didn't clear anything out, I don't think I made the clutter around here worse, and I know my mental clutter will benefit from having a plan.

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