Monday, March 13, 2017

"Be Prepared"?

I'm struggling between two poles: do I prepare for possibilities, or do I embrace the minimalist option? Do I make sure I have what I need (in an imagines scenario), or do I get rid of the things I don't regularly need?

I recently posted to ebay an antique ice cream churn. We had been keeping it in case the motorized machine gave out. I wasn't using the antique machine (frankly, we mostly only use the motorized one for birthday parties), but we were keeping a backup just in case.

I have some serving bowls just in case we need them for Easter dinner (which we host for the entire family).

I also bought a bunch of breakfast cereal because it was on sale. Now I have to store it, but my family will eventually use it up. But we have to store it.

And on and on. What is the balance between wanting a clean, minimalist, easy home, and keeping the things we will want, or might want, later?

I don't actually have answers on this right now. I am getting rid of the ice cream maker, keeping the cereal, and I will seehow my family feels about getting rid of some of the serving pieces (because I am doing this with a family, and trying not to make them crazy in the process). I seem need to make the decision on a case-by-case basis, but I do feel pulled in two directions. Hopefully I will clear a path in the future that will identify what level of storage I'm comfortable keeping.

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