Saturday, March 4, 2017

Daily Declutter

I have finally sold every book in the box of books we've been storing for five years! I'm just tickled that all the books have been sold, to good homes, like puppies. A copy box worth of books is a good bit of space freed up, as well.

I've also re-homed a LEGO set that has been sitting idle. I was starting to feel that the LEGOs weren't going to find homes, but I am encouraged at this sale. I am looking forward to freeing up the space the LEGOs are taking up. It is rather considerable how much space is dedicated to toys we don't play with.

As we work through these things a couple of LEGO sets have been resurrected for play. I'd like the space, but I'm glad that they are being used. After all, the kids are only getting older and I can sell these sets later, when they are not wanted. On the other hand, we still have too many things, toys included. I don't want this project to focus so much on getting rid of things that the people are ignored in the process. So for the moment these forgotten LEGOs can be played with by my family, and the truly abandoned ones can find new homes.

I am grateful today for my work yesterday. I have caught the cold my husband has been fighting. So, instead of going grocery shopping during dance class, I got to sit under a tree and read my book and rest. I'm so glad my errands are done and I can nurse my cold with a thermos of hot tea today.

And that is all I was able to accomplish this weekend. I will sleep early, and hope that my cold heals quickly. I'm itching to get rid of several things in the shed, including a space heater and the second humidifier, as we have not used them since the kids were babies. If we haven't used them in all that time, I think it's time to offer them to someone else. I hope that will free up enough space to allow me to get rid of one shelving unit in the garage!

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