Friday, March 3, 2017

Daily Declutter

Today didn't see much move out of the house. However, I did get my grocery shopping done between dropping my kids off to school and picking my son up after his one class. I wasn't even that late picking him up.

So, I

  • made my menu, 
  • made my shopping list, 
  • actually shopped. 
  • emptied the bag of stuff from the car that's for sale, and re-homed everything we're keeping. A bunch of stuff went in the trash or recycle bin.
  • washed and hung out a load of sheets. My last load of make-up laundry since the machine was "repaired."
  • made more chili-lime salt for gift giving, with lime zest I dehydrated. So it is no longer sitting out on the bar
  • I did not go shopping for a new hat for me. I wanted to stop and look, because the sun is warm today and I am feeling like summer. But I don't need a new hat, I have one that I like. I was already late to pick up my son or I might have stopped. I consider not stopping to buy something I don't really need and which would be an impulse purchase (and probably clutter later) to be a victory.
Not much accomplished toward decluttering, but the bag of stuff from the car didn't sit around becoming clutter. The bar was clean, except for the lime zest, this morning when I got up. We are set for food this week. That's not a bad way to go into a weekend, so I will enjoy that and not sweat the lack of progress.

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