Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Daily Declutter

I seem to be over the worst of the terrible bug that took over Saturday. No specific symptoms, thank goodness, just the general feeling that I'd been run over by a truck. Lots of sitting and reading, drinking tea and napping. Actually, it would be a great weekend if I didn't feel so squashed flat.

I got several responses on our car, and we found someone to take it home this weekend. Even with the cold. I'm so happy to have finally made a decision on it, and I'm glad to have rehomed it. For a very long time we've been of two minds about having a third vehicle. Now we're down to two cars for two drivers, and I feel much better about that!

I'm optimistic that soon we'll be able to park the truck (moved into service, from storage in the driveway) in the garage. Right now the bicycles are parked in their spot, but if I get rid of a shelving unit it should work. The truck is so big, and the garage very normal sized, so it will be close. But, we did it once, and we can do it again!

I have another shelving unit almost completely empty. It has once small tote, full of out-of-season kids' clothes, that I technically could store elsewhere if I needed. I feel really good about having that much space! I downsized that tote today, after trying clothes on my daughter. Several things she wore last year no longer fit, and they are already at the charity shop. While we were there we also found a new pair of shoes for Easter, and two new dresses. I'm pretty sure we're set for summer clothes now.

Nothing come home from the thrift shop that I did not actually need. An Easter gift for my son, and a pair of swim flippers for a planned trip with my parents, and that's it. I didn't even seriously consider getting the classic Corning Ware casserole dish (white with the blue flowers), even though I was really thrilled to see it, especially after spotting one while watching Hidden Figures. If you haven't seen that yet, I highly recommend it! I'm pretty pleased that I didn't even consider buying the casserole, though, and just felt pleased to recognize it.

I'm also passing along a puzzle mat (so you can roll up your puzzle and eat dinner at the table, then put the puzzle back) and a puzzle to friends who love puzzles. I cannot remember that last time we actually worked on a puzzle. If it becomes a major hole in out lives, we can buy new (or used) puzzles and mat again, but enjoy the space in the mean time.

Little by little, changes are being made!

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