Friday, March 10, 2017

Daily Declutter

Today is my day for making a menu, grocery shopping, running errands, and that sort of thing. Today I had to remind myself that there is a reason I do it all at once, so I don't have to worry about it the rest of the week, but there certainly were a lot of stops. I came home worn out, but I'm really glad to have everything dealt with, food-wise, for the week.

Yesterday we used our second of three visit to Disney. We had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to going back -- this is not the sort of thing we can do in one day! We rode the rides, watched the Main Street Electrical Parade, got stuck in Small World, and had a great time talking together in lines. My husband and I reminisced a lot about going to Disney even as children, and it really was a wonderful holiday.

We're all a little worn out today, so I'm glad I accomplished all that I did. Groceries, Costco, miscellaneous Target purchases for school -- all done and accomplished for another week. I mailed three items I sold on ebay, so that's something completely out of the house.

I'm working to clear a shelving unit in the garage, so we can park the truck in the garage. We looked up wooden electric ice cream makers on ebay, and it turns out that they are available. Someone had told us years ago that they were hard to find, so we had two ice cream makers sitting in the garage -- the electric one, which had a dying motor, and a hand-crank we bought as backup. So we will sell the hand-crank, let someone else enjoy it, and replace the electric one if we need it. One more thing off the shelf in the garage! It's even posted to ebay already.

That's about it for today. I'm glad I have some forward progress. I'd like to clear off the bar and shelf by the front door (where things land as they come in the door, or before they leave), but I may not make it that far today.

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