Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Daily Declutter

Almost done with the shelving unit in the garage! I've been working on this slowly, so my husband can get used to the idea and not freak out, but I'm almost done. The things that were on there have either been decluttered or rehomed elsewhere (where something else was decluttered) and we will soon have room for our bicycles and our truck in the garage.

I moved some boxes closer to where I store ebay items. This should make packaging things for shipping easier, and it got some space freed up in the garage. I'm hoping to put the dog clippers on Craigslist this afternoon, and that spot will be open. I'll also be putting a beer making kit on Craigslist. It was a gift, and my husband enjoyed it, but not enough to keep making the beer. So hopefully the beer kit will find a good home as well. I packaged up most of the parts of the kit, and I am waiting patiently for my husband to finish off the last couple of beers before I post it, so I can include those bottles for the new owner.

I don't know if this is minimalist-ing topic, but it certainly is making my life better! My son has not demonstrated the ability to clean up after himself when he makes food, unless I remind him to do so. So I have been coming in to find the remains of his sandwich on the counter (bag of bread out, open; peanut butter, open; sticky knife on the counter; crumbs everywhere). Finally, in desperation, I warned him that I would make him clean the toilet if he didn't start cleaning up after himself. After all, if I have to do something I don't want to do (remind him to clean up after himself), then he can do something I don't want to do (clean the toilet). Today, he learned to clean the toilet! I didn't have to do my most-hated chore, even though I still had to remind him to clean up the counter. (I mind reminding him less when it means I don't have to do my most-hated chore). Either way, it's a win for me -- either he learns to clean up after himself or he can clean the toilet. (And in case you feel too sorry for him, he's in high school. When he moves out, and when he gets married, the people he lives with will appreciate this skill set.)

I decluttered a tiny cast iron frying pan that came with a Christmas gift. I have not used it yet, and although I love the way it looks, it clutters up the cupboard and makes using my real pans harder. So out it goes. I also found a few more silk flowers for school, and a couple more CDs. They will be dropped off and used for crafts at the annual fundraiser.

The weather is warm enough now, I don't think I need to worry about frost any more, and my basil will be moved outside. It will grow better with more root space, and it will no longer live on the bar, inviting people to drop other things on that flat space to keep the basil company. (Someone is keeping it company right now with a DVD, a script for church, and the box of stained glass still waiting for a trip to the hardware store for hanging hardware. That will be dealt with this afternoon, when it is time to pick my daughter up from school.)

As for the remainder of my day, I will make my grandmother's perogi, and freeze it for Easter dinner. Some will be tonight's dinner as well! Potato-cheese dumplings, topped with sour cream. That will take up the remainder of the afternoon, but it will be worth it!



  1. Good job, I am also thinking of doing so but I believe I am lazy to start. Thanks for the post, it is somehow motivation for me

    1. I certainly have lazy days! Good luck to you -- I think getting started is the hardest part.