Thursday, March 2, 2017

Daily Declutter

The washer got "repaired" yesterday. Apparently, there was too much dirt in the load of laundry, and it filled up the crevices of the machine. I was supposed to run several self-wash cycles in order to get rid of the dirt and get clean clothes again. I was not ok with the answer, but I understand that's what the manufacturer says. I will not be buying any more products from this manufacturer, but in the mean time I had to vacuum out my washer so I could wash clothes again. I did so, and I'm spending a lot of today doing laundry. Fortunately, the sun is shining and it is a great day for hanging laundry on the line.

I got rid of my flour sifter. I cannot remember the last time I actually sifted anything. Did I sift the flour for my sister-in-law's angel food cake last year? I'm not sure, but I can stir the flour if I really need to, and free up some cabinet space.

I posted a bunch of LEGOs to ebay. Hopefully they will find new homes and move out of mine. When they do I will have about one shelf additional space in the shed. I can use that space to make access to things easier. Just live a little more spaciously.

I also washed, vacuum, photographed and posted my extra car to Craigslist. We will be back to two drivers and two cars. If we need a car for my son in the future we can either use the money we saved from selling this car or we can trust that some other opportunity will arise. In the mean time, we don't need the extra vehicle, the responsibility for maintaining three cars or the vehicle that doesn't fit in the garage.

I know I haven't accomplished much dramatic in the way of minimalisting, but I am making steps forward. (What is the correct form? Minimalist-ing? Minimalisting? Something else?)

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