Monday, March 27, 2017

Daily Declutter

Being off my game this past week has certainly left me behind! I got a couple parcels posted, but ebay did get a few things out of my house. That was about it last week.

This week, I have a lot of general clean up to do. Today I worked on laundry, and general tidiness. I also ran a kid to the dentist (and sat during the cleaning, because I didn't have any shopping to do. I brought a book to read, but ended up just chatting instead, and I really enjoyed myself!), then to the junior college to register for classes. I will be running him in again tomorrow to finish registration. I did make dinner, instead of stopping by for burritos, thanks to the menu plan. (I have no idea how I got by for so long without a plan!)

Still, things look better than they once would have been, after a week of being sluggish. The bar currently contains a plant, a gift we received yesterday (I need to stop by the hardware shop to get something to display the stained glass created by a dear friend. I definitely want to keep the chicken stained glass he made!), the "gift bag" from the dentist, a book I was reading at the table while I ate a snack (a terrible habit, but there you are. Something to work on, eating mindfully.), and I think that's it! A definite improvement from years before. Reducing the amount of available clutter, and creating a schedule for meals has really helped.

Tomorrow afternoon will be about as hectic as today, but I am optimistic that I will make forward strides in the morning.

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