Monday, March 13, 2017

Daily Declutter

I feel so motivated after resting up on Sunday -- unless I'm down with a horrible virus like I was last week! Lots of little things done, all over the place.

Moved an empty plastic tote out to the garage. I'm pretty excited because it means someone other than myself empties a plastic tote!

Organized some donations to the church bingo game (for prizes). The things that won't be prizes are set aside to be donated to Goodwill. The prizes will be dropped off at a friend's house tonight.

I cleared another shelf in the garage. Soon I should be able to post that shelving unit to Craigslist.

Hung napkins and tablecloths out in the sun, to bleach. I found that one of my tablecloths has a tear in it -- it's not repairable, so I'm recycling the fabric. I also realized I have a LOT more napkins than I could use even if every family member came to dinner, and everyone brought a date (as appropriate). I will be getting rid of about 12-15 napkins, and I'll still have more than I need at one meal.

I also found a seed sack (like a flour sack, but more sturdy) in the bin with the tableclothes. Why, I have no idea. I had no idea it was there. It's now listed on ebay. Also on bay are more Life magazines, and a pretty white cake plate that I really do not need, and which I never use. Hopefully these items will find a better life elsewhere.

If everyone went minimalist, there would be no need for many of the items I post to ebay. On the other hand, if people buy them from ebay, hopefully they are not also creating demand for new stuff to be manufactured. But I think about what would happen if everyone embraced minimalism; what would we do with all the stuff that is already manufactured but unwanted. For that matter, what will people do with all the stuff that is unnecessary but people keep buying new anyway?

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