Friday, March 17, 2017

Daily Declutter

I wasn't good with decluttering today. I did make my menu, and I completed my shopping. Unfortunately, I needed to get some things at the thrift stores, and that's where things fell apart for me.

I bought a glass pitcher that looks like the one I had that I really liked, but broke. I will get rid of the pitcher I got to replace it that I never really liked. I got envelopes, and we needed them. I got some clothespins, because I always need clothespins -- they break or get lost from time to time. I got shirts and a dress for our vacation (my mother insists we need "Hawaiian" clothes. I got a beach chair for this summer, and beach shoes, and flippers for our vacation. I got an Easter present of a yoga mat for my daughter.

It didn't add up to much, money-wise, and a lot of the stuff is going to replace things we have or have run out of. However, I was surprised at how much stuff I needed to bring into the house.

Nothing was cleaned out, but by doing the menu and shopping today I did simplify the rest of my week, so that's a plus.

I am now exhausted (I took my son shopping for many of my errands) and I plan to make a pitcher of iced tea in my new pitcher, take my shoes off and read a book. I have a new book on hygge; I enjoy reading about how other people live, in the small details, and I enjoy reading about focusing on home and coziness. That will be simple and minimalist enough for today.

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  1. I think you did well today, shopping is one heck of a task and if you have done it, you have done a big task here. Would love to see glass pitcher photo