Friday, May 12, 2017

Daily Declutter

Today my baby turns 12! I'll be spending most of today celebrating her.

I woke up early to make pancakes (rare, she likes them mostly raw in the middle). I'll be bringing cupcakes to school, and we're going out for dinner to her choice of restaurant, with milkshakes. I hope she'll feel appreciated and special. However, she doesn't want much stuff, and I am not getting her much.

I feel like I should get her more things so she will feel loved and appreciated, but I also know this is bad reasoning so I am resisting this feeling. Tomorrow the extended family will come over to celebrate, and some of them will be bringing physical gifts while others will bring experiences.

Overall this weekend stuff will flow into the house, and I will not be spending time moving things out of the house. This is ok. We will spend time appreciating my daughter, and celebrating her. And this is the point of minimalism, at least to me: focusing on the people and not the stuff.

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