Saturday, May 13, 2017

Types of Clutter

I am realizing that there are two types of clutter in my house: Too Much clutter and Somewhere Else clutter. I believe that I will have less Somewhere Else clutter as I reduce the Too Much clutter, but I won't know for sure for a while yet.

What are these two types of clutter? Somewhere Else clutter is clutter that goes somewhere else. It is the sweater that I leave lying in the bathroom, because "I will want to wear that again tomorrow." It is the throw blanket that remains thrown on the sofa, instead of being folded up and put inside of the blanket chest that is right there. It is the half-finished craft projects, the gifts that need to be stored, the sewing machine components that need to be taken outside.

Then there is Too Much clutter. This is the clutter that we don't really need, stuff that we are hanging on to out of habit, or fear, or social expectation. This is the gift someone gave us that we need to pass along, the outgrown shoes, the decorative dust catchers we "need" to decorate" out home.

I struggle with both kinds of clutter. Somewhere Else clutter is something I feel I am improving on, personally. Too Much clutter is what I mostly address here. I hope that, by addressing the Too Much clutter my family and I will be more likely to put away the Somewhere Else clutter. (And if I get rid of the Too Much craft clutter I will not have it lying around being Somewhere Else clutter.)

Even if I'm wrong, carving away the Too Much clutter will be beneficial in the long run, since we won't be living here, like this, forever.

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