Monday, May 29, 2017

Daily Declutter

Today is Memorial Day, so my family is all home. Our kids'school doesn't assign homework on holidays, so they had the day off as well. As a result, we really got to enjoy the day as a holiday together.

Everyone did a little bit of housework -- my daughter cleaned up her desk, my son finished a school assignment, my husband weedwacked the back yard a little (and finally found the dog's collar!), and I polished the silver to post to ebay. I growled quietly, and everyone pitched in to clean up the detritus people have been leaving lying around. (The kind of detritus I'm hoping to eliminate). But those tasks only took a little while, and the rest of the day we've been able to relax together. We played games, and talked, and ate, and read our books.

The rest of the week we can be productive, and post things to ebay, do laundry, and declutter the cabinets. But today is a day for being together and enjoying each other. That's the purpose of minimalism, so I'm pursuing that today.

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