Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Daily Declutter

Apparently, my home was invaded by angry monkeys. I have so much clutter lying around that I don't even want to deal with it -- I want to just give up and let my family live in the debris they have created. (Cue grumpy stamping up the stairs noises. And we don't have stairs.)

Despite my reluctance to deal with my family's zone of destruction, I did accomplish a couple things today. I checked everything off my To Do list today: move slipcovers out to the barn, mend a torn labcoat AND return the sewing machine to its spot, dispose of an item that I thought was donate-able (but wasn't), attend a meeting at church, return library books, etc, etc.

I even managed not to bring any new clutter into my home.

I didn't make any headway with the overall cleaning project, however. I put two pillowcases in the donate box (which was remarkably hard, since I grew up with the admonition to never throw away pillowcases because they're so useful. Useful for what I'm not sure.)

Once again, I will remind myself that tomorrow is another day. And at least I didn't add to the clutter today.

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