Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Daily Declutter

Still working on clearing out the shed. I have a fondue pot that we had fun with, once, after going out for fondue. Making fondue at home is way more complicated than it seems at the restaurant! I would rather spend the money and let someone else deal with all the details, so the set and the fuel are both on Craigslist now. (I'd just donate them, but I don't think the thrift shop would sell the fuel, it would just get trashed, and I'd rather that not happen.)

I posted to ebay the large, metal, paint storage/organizer thingy that I have hated for years. When I bought it, I thought it would be an excellent way to organize craft paints. However, I don't have a spot large enough for storing the organizer, so it just sat on the floor of the shed, being in the way. I hated it actively every time I tried to work in there. Today, my paints are all inside a plastic storage bin, on the shelf, looking tidy and out of the way. Bonus, the paints are in a sealed container, which hopefully will keep them from drying out between uses.

Today is laundry day, so that takes up some of my time and reduces the amount of time I can spend on decluttering. However, it keeps me out of trouble, and clean sheets are one of the great little joys in life, so I will look forward to that tonight. I really enjoy focusing on the joys and results of what I do around the house. By remembering why I clean/was/declutter/organize I feel better about how I spend my time. Also, on the days that I don't work around the house and spend time with the people I love, I enjoy reminding myself that this is the point. Decluttering isn't the point in itself; relationships and the results of decluttering are the actual point.

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