Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Daily Declutter

Today I have been fabulously productive, and I feel good. Last night my husband pulled a bunch of winter clothes out of his closet, and I put them away and pulled out a few summer items he's had stored. Our closet and drawers will be less crowded as a result, making life easier for me (I put clean laundry away) and for him (when he's looking for something to wear).

I put a bunch of silver on ebay -- photographed, described and posted. I'm not asking much for each item, and I'm really hopeful that these pieces will get good homes somewhere else. Looking around the shed this morning, I can see a dramatic difference over what I had in December. I probably should have taken pictures, but I really don't want to look back at how bad it was.

I sold a piece on ebay, and I am including a little extra something in the package when I ship it. I had a drop spindle that never had been opened, and I also had some wool roving that never was actually used. Both items will be shipped together, hopefully to be used for a change. Now, I no longer feel the compulsion to come up with a project to use up the roving, and my buyer gets a bonus!

I only have half the things I started with, in my deadline craft box. Half the things I'd planned to use up before the end of the year have already been used up. (Sadly, some of them look like they'll never get used up. Does anyone have an idea for forty "soot sprites" from My Neighbor Totoro? I don't know anyone who needs a banner, and that's all I can think of.) I'm glad I am making progress with some of the things, and I'm also glad that I will not keep the others forever.

The house still looks tidy and peaceful today, with the silver back out in storage, the school books put away, and a lot of the general family debris still in its place after everyone pitched in yesterday. I even put away the dish drying rack, which makes a huge difference in the kitchen! On days like this, I feel like I'm making progress toward the house I really want to live in. (Also, I've been working on my vision board on Pinterest, like Juhli suggested. I find I'm really drawn to the images that look clean and not staged, hich is another way of saying tidy.)


  1. I hope you will share your vision board once it shows what you desire.

  2. I've linked the website to Pinterest (I didn't use the Pinterest button or anything, just keeping it easy) so you can see my progress there as I go. Thanks again for the suggestion!

  3. How do I find you in Pinterest?