Thursday, May 4, 2017

Daily Declutter

Today was not a productive one. More pottering around, cut up more loquats for drying, that sort of thing.

I did find something in the shed that I realized I didn't need. I had a package of clay that I bought when the kids were little. It may have been there 10 years, but every time I looked at it I thought "oh, I'll use that some day to make seed bombs." However, I finally decided to give up the seed bomb idea -- if I hadn't done it in the five years I've been thinking of, I probably won't actually do it. When I opened to the package, I just shook my head; there was a sad, shriveled remnant that wasn't worth saving all these years.

Why did I keep this trash for so long? The clay is on the ground, waiting for rain, and the package is in the recycling bin. There's a little more space on my shelves.

It makes me wonder how much of the stuff that is sitting around it habit, and not even useful if I decided to try to use it?

Fortunately, as Scarlet O'hara said, tomorrow is another day. I have another opportunity to make a difference!


  1. It is a constant battle unless we slow down the amount of stuff incoming. I thought we were pretty minimalistic until I went through the house to pack it all to move across the country. There was space so stuff stayed long past its useful date.

    1. Thanks! I feel so frustrated that I've been keeping the clay so long -- but mostly I feel like it is a symptom of all the stuff I am keeping that I don't need. I guess that's why I need to be more mindful about the things I am keeping. I have cut back on what comes into the house, at least for my part.