Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Daily Declutter

I worked on the shed again. Pulled out a few more things: a couple of boxes that won't be useful for ebay shipping, a couple of items that I need to ship for ebay (hooray!), a basket for dropping fruit off to a friend -- if it doesn't come back, that's ok. I have some dried flowers I'm going to try to paint; I've been thinking about it for a while, and if it doesn't work out I'll just get rid of them (compost). If it does work out I'll use them instead of bows with giftwrap and move the flowers out of the craft supplies, regardless.

I also started a project that, while probably not on anyone else's list of minimalisting activities, will move out the giant bag of fabric scraps in the shed. Since it's a zero-waste sort of project I figured I'd mention it here. I've seen (for years!) pins on Pinterest showing string or twine made out of fabric scraps. I've spent the last 30 minutes or an hour twisting together otherwise useless scraps of fabric to make a very pretty string of twine which I can use as ribbon on gift wrap. It's fairly addictive and brainless enough to take to meetings or other occasions when I need to use my brain but not my eyes or hands.

Since I have a new source of ribbon for gift wrap I am getting rid of a couple of rolls of ribbon in my wrapping box. I'm not thrilled with the colors, but I didn't want to buy something new since what I have works. I have no idea where the odd-colored ribbon came from , but I know someone else can use it if I drop it off at Goodwill -- they always have bags of ribbon and yarn for sale.

This project will give me impetus to wrap the gifts I finished yesterday, and I'll be done with that.

Sadly, while I've been working on gifts and the shed, the house has gotten cluttered again. I've left project materials lying around and other people have left their things lying around. I need to work on minimalist habits (like I did in the beginning of the project, dealing with clothing left lying around) to fix the clutter that occurs when I'm working on projects other than Project Declutter the House.

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