Thursday, May 4, 2017

Daily Declutter

Does emptying the freezer count toward deluttering? I used up a bag of frozen grapes, and I'v used up the bag of bread ends. Some are breadcrumbs, and the rest are bread pudding for breakfast this weekend. I've almost eliminated enough to shut down the chest freezer (most of the chest freezer is full of ice I've frozen to save energy).

I've processed all the loquats, and put the dried fruit away in the pantry. I no longer have fresh fruit staring accusingly at me; the dehydrator is waiting to be washed, as I type this, and it will be put away.

I was appreciating earlier today that the shelf by the front door is clear of almost everything except what belongs there. Sunglasses, the kids' iphone (for use only as a device to take pictures and listen to Pandora), an Easter decoration. My son's watch needs a new battery, and I will try to get that fixed tomorrow morning on my errands run. Other than that it's looking good.

I was going to work in the garage today, but the weather will be so much better tomorrow I put it off. Hopefully I will not get sidetracked by errands tomorrow morning, and I hope to finally clear off the shelf in the garage. I feel like it is more likely since I wrote down my goal.

I also did laundry, made dinner, drove kids, played games with the family. Not a tremendously productive day, but a good one -- I have to be happy with that.

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