Monday, February 13, 2017

Change Can Be Hard

Ferret in my front yard!
Change can be hard. Who knew? Stop the presses!

But seriously. I was reading A Simple Year, and she commented about how hard it was when she started to become a minimalist. I was surprised to read that someone else struggled to get rid of things! Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, with all the decluttering information out there. Somehow, I felt that when I realized I like the minimalism all the material clutter would fall away. But it's not working that way.

I have so much stuff, and sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference between stuff I need and stuff I don't. Sometimes it's hard on my family, finding another pile of things I want to get rid of.

Sometimes it's discouraging that I still have so much stuff to work through.

I keep reminding myself that there is less than there used to be. The house is tidier than it used to be, just as a baseline. When it gets messy, there is less than there used to be. This helps with both pick up and finding a spot to put things away.

Selling things is a slow process, but I am selling things. The money goes to pay off the loan on the car, so each item sold is a double bonus.

When I read accounts of people who sold all their junk and paid off thousands of dollars in debt in a year, I feel I'm not making progress as I should. But I am enough. Their life is not my life, their goals are not my goals. My family does not want to move at that rate, nor do they want to move out of or house to travel the world.

If you are reading this and struggling, hang in there! We can do this. Taking baby steps toward our goal is still forward progress, and we do not have a timetable we have to follow!

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