Thursday, February 16, 2017

Focus and Mindfulness

This is not my quote. But it is something I need to remember, and I find it all too easy to forget.

Minimalism is a lot about mindfulness. Minimalism is about being aware of all the world around me, my place in the world, and my contributions to the world,

If I focus on how slowly I am making improvements I will not notice how many improvements I have made. Keeping a journal, or blog, allows me to see what I have accomplished. It helps me focus on the joys of accomplishment.

I remember a story about a king who commissioned two of his knights to survey his kingdom. One knight was to report every good thing he saw; the other was to report every bad thing. When the knights returned, the knight who was to report bad things described a kingdom that was desperate, falling apart, without hope. The other knight reported joy, health, caring and blessings among the people.

I hope you see the blessings in your life, despite the difficulties. I hope, as you eliminate the extraneous aspects of your life and develop a simpler lifestyle, that the joys become more obvious and overshadow the difficulties.

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