Sunday, February 5, 2017

Excess Begets Excess

My house has been taken over by the clutter monster. But worse than that, my mind is full of clutter too. At least I recognize it, and I am working actively to combat the clutter.

Part of the problem is the LEGOs. As we work to rehome them, they have taken over the house. There are boxes of LEGOs we want to keep. Boxes that need to be completed before we sell them. Boxes of loose bricks that need to be sorted so we can use them to complete the kits we're getting rid of. Bins of sorted pieces. (I could just chuck them all in a box and donate them to Goodwill, but I'm not certain toys are resold, and I don't want all these LEGOs to just be thrown away. After all, they're still good.)

At the same time, things are not getting done. I have clutter on the bar, waiting for me to do something with it. I know, I need to make a decision about some of it, and some I know what I need to do, I just haven't done it.

What really surprised me was my desire to buy more. I haven't been interested in buying anything for a while now. But yesterday I had a few minutes after I finished grocery shopping, before my daughter's class was over. I had time to stop by the thrift shop. I didn't need anything. Then I thought I really could use a new dress for church. It's been a long time, and some of my dresses are pretty old. They're probably showing wear, and should be replaced. I'm not even sure they are showing wear -- I just thought they might be! I really wanted to stop by and just see what the shop had.

I held firm, and drove to the park. It was a beautiful day, and musician was playing Eastern European violin music. I enjoyed looking at the flowers, the water, feeling the sun, listening to the music. I know I made the right choice driving past the store and enjoying the peacefulness of the park. I had to make myself do what I knew was the correct choice. It was hard, though, for the first time since I'm started this blog and been focused on this project.

Does the household clutter make me want to buy more? I think so, but I don't have scientific proof. It would explain a lot about my history -- buying more when I want to improve my living situation. Making purchases in response to clutter -- which only makes the clutter situation worse.

I can't be sure of the causality of clutter and buying. I am glad I was aware enough yesterday to avoid adding to the clutter situation by "just stopping by" to do a little shopping.

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