Saturday, February 18, 2017

Daily Declutter

More little things today. I'm trying to squeeze decluttering into my regular life, rather than dedicate a large block of time to decluttering. The process is drawn out, but I think it's less stressful than a more concentrated approach because I have so many outside obligations, especially to things that aren't mine. I don't want to tell the kids that they can't go to lessons or meetings because I want to get rid of all our junk.

This morning the rain had ended, so I took pictures of more LEGOs we're rehoming, and some measuring cups I hadn't wanted to get rid of. Or, that I didn't want to use because I don't like them, but they're vintage and I want to make sure they don't get thrown away at the thrift shop. That does happen when the shop has too much merchandise (because people buy too much new stuff. Period.). Still, I don't run a museum, so I shouldn't be the home to all the excess stuff just because it's old.

Fortunately, I remembered to look them up on ebay. People do collect these, so hopefully I can find a good home that way. Either way they are out of my cupboard for now, and hopefully for the long term.

A lot of the clutter I have eliminated so far has been behavioral. I no longer have clothes cluttering the bathroom counter because I have changed my awareness and my habits. I am grateful for the awareness, brought about by writing it out, of how my behavior eliminates clutter even more than getting rid of the physical items that surround me.

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