Friday, February 10, 2017

Daily Declutter

I've been longing for a clean, tidy home, so I spent much of today cleaning, not decluttering. Blame it on hygge. I scrubbed the only four drawers in my kitchen. I scrubbed the cabinet next to the drawers. I scrubbed the inside of my dishwasher (I still think the soap that cleans my dishes should clean my dishwasher as well, but it doesn't work that way.) I scrubbed the base of my blender (how does that get so dirty?) Those cabinets look so much better, but the rest need scrubbing more than ever.

I did dust and declutter the top of my bureau. I put away a few mementos the kids have made for me, some gift wrap, and a pair of scissors I obviously don't need went into the donation box. I also found a lot of dust, and that was decluttered appropriately as well. 😉

The most minimalist-ing thing I did today, though, was empty the donation box and drop off the contents at Goodwill. I have a donation station that is not too far from my kids' school, so we stopped by after pickup.

Although I didn't get rid of much today, I feel good about the deep cleaning. A really clean home it part of the Pinterest look I like so much. I probably won't get it that clean while I have kids at home, but the kids are worth it.


  1. I wish I could do half of what you did, believe me my room needs to get clean but his laziness don't let me do it. Your article is bit of motivational for me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This was an awesome day! Hang in there, and do a little when you can. I find that when I get something done I am more motivated to get something else done.