Thursday, February 2, 2017

Daily Delutter

I got the house whipped back into shape after clutter happened. Sheets got washed. Normal things happened.

I also moved forward, even if just a little bit. I cut up all the dried mango slices, so they can fit on a spoon. Now they can be added to oatmeal or cereal even if I'm not around to cut them up. I'm hoping they'll move out faster now. Because who doesn't like dried, sweetened mango?

Sold a couple more things on ebay! I'm glad they're finding new homes. I need to photograph more clutter to post on ebay. I'm planning to put together an unloved LEGO set, make sure the pieces are all there, and post that next. (Yes, my decluttering plans include playing with LEGOs. But it will free up a shelf and a couple of plastic totes when I'm done!)

However, putting LEGOs together, so I can sell a complete set, takes approximately the rest of my life. I will be grateful to rehome these things. I did discover, in among my son's LEGO boxes, a box of Christmas decorations that need to go up to the attic outside. As it is dark now, they will go up in the morning. That way I will have room for the totes I'm using to sort LEGOs.

Tomorrow will be grocery shopping. I have my list, and my family lived through the week again without emergency grocery runs. So despite the LEGO explosion that is taking over my dining table, I have at least one aspect of my life that is minimalist-ing.

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