Saturday, February 11, 2017

Daily Declutter

I shipped a couple of books I sold through ebay. Hooray, things out! While I was at the post office I returned a couple of shipping boxes that I ended up not needing. I didn't want to throw them away (they were still brand new!), and now they are back where they belong and out of my house! It's amazing to me how tiny things like that feel like an improvement, but the boxes had been living in the bottom of my closet, and now I see bare floor down there. I'm also donating a box of breakfast cereal that is unopened. No one loves it, although I will request my family finish the open box we have.

I did my weekly shopping. This necessitated creating my menu. For some reason I was weak on ideas this week, but I did it. We have enough food to see us through until next week. I got more prepared food than usual, but my daughter is suffering quietly from braces, and I am trying to support her. Applesauce, ice cream, her favorite soup from Costco (even though the package is plastic and not zero-waste) are all on the menu the next couple of days. I went to five stores to get all the items I wanted, plus a trip to Target to return swimsuits. It took three hours, which seemed like my entire lifetime, but it's really worth the concentrated time to be all done.

Because I have super-awesome, amazing, tremendous friends, I was even able to take a nap this afternoon. I am feeling so run down. I don't know if I'm coming down sick (I don' have time!) or just tired from staying up late at the drive-in. My friend offered to bring my daughter home after dance class so I could come home and sleep. I am so grateful! I hope the extra sleep will fend off anything that is trying to bring me down. And tea. Lots of tea will keep me whole.

Updated to add: I had some time before bedtime, and my daughter was still working on homework, so I felt I needed to work too, in solidarity. So I ironed a couple of weeks worth of shirts. My son had two white button down shirts to be ironed, in different sizes. I had him try them on: one was too small and one had a spot on it. The too small one is in the box to be donated, the spotty one is pretreated and in the wash. So I had two fewer shirts to iron, and every piece of clean laundry is put away!


  1. I hope you find your rest was indeed just what was needed. Congrats on getting so much done.

  2. Well according to me you have gathered great courage to give away your books. i can never have such courage to deal with any such thing. overall your blog was very nice. i liked it.

    1. I've been working to declutter for a long time, so I can do the hard things more easily now. Start with whatever is easy for you, and build on your momentum. Thank you for your kind words!