Friday, February 3, 2017

Daily Declutter

I've been pretty all over the place lately. I do notice, however, that I get more done when I'm planning to tell all of Internetland what I've been up to. So today I will post my list, and hope to live up to it, or even exceed it. It's not a lot of decluttering, but the LEGO thing is kind of taking over the world.

Today I will:

  • Grocery shop
  • Put away Christmas decorations I found under my son's LEGO table
  • Finish the LEGO sets we started and photograph them for ebay
  • Make manicotti for dinner, and use up the two gigantic boxes of manicotti shells that are in the cupboard (yeah, space!)
  • Pick the tangerines off the tree and put them away in the refrigerator.
  • Play board games with my family while dinner cooks without needing my attention.
  • Put away dried oranges, wash dehydrator and put it away.
I'll update this later with actual accomplishments.

I actually managed to:

  • Do half my grocery shop and put the groceries away. I need to pick up dog food and a couple cans of spaghetti sauce, but that's it.
  • Take my son for a haircut after school.
  • Put away the Christmas decorations that were hiding.
  • Made manicotti. Made enough for dinner, plus enough to put two additional dinners in the freezer. We'll be set for east dinners for three weeks.
  • Picked tangerines, and put in the refrigerator all that will fit. The remainder are sitting on the bar, waiting for someone to get hungry.
  • Played games with the family.
I did not:
  • Finish making the LEGO sets. I can't find two pieces I need, and this has suddenly become a huge project that is taking over the house.
  • Wash and put away the dehydrator. The oranges did not get done until late. It will be done today.

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