Monday, February 6, 2017

Daily Declutter

What fictional character said "I like new days, because there are no mistakes in it yet." I want to say Anne of Green Gables, but I'm not sure. I feel like that today. I have the opportunity to make the house tidy and decluttered this morning.

I've finally dealt with the dehydrator. Today is supposed to rain, so it is not a drying fruit sort of day, nor will it be for some days yet. I also took a dress out to the shed. We've finished sorting LEGOs, and two sets have been put together and posted to ebay. This is better progress than I expected.

However, I did have to go to the store today, in direct opposition to my no emergency trips to the store policy. The dog was out of food, and he can't eat the other dog's food because they are allergic to each other's food. (This isn't even the dog food I've had on my list for two weeks. I was notified last night that we were out of food.) While I was out I picked up food for the other dog, and failed to buy a swimsuit for my daughter. I had to order it online from Target, and I am very hopeful that one of the suits I ordered will fit correctly, without being revealing.

I'm more disappointed than I should be about my emergency trip to the store. I was more proud of my shopping schedule than I should be.

I am glad, however, to me moving in a forward direction with my clutter. I would think that I'd have less after all these years of reducing. I feel I am really getting rid of a great many things we've clung to for years, and I am telling myself that this time the project will be more productive (reductive?) than it ever has been before.

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