Saturday, February 4, 2017

I Need a Pep Talk

I have not brought anything into the house, except food, probably since Christmas. I keep getting rid of things. The house should be feeling less cluttered. But this week I feel a little overwhelmed.

I know part of it is food clutter (tangerines and the dehydrator sitting out), and part of it is being busy. I know it would be worse if I weren't actively trying to get rid of the excess around here. But it seems to add up.

I'm not certain how to deal with the daily clutter. The paper napkins that came with the burritos, which need to go out to the car (but couldn't go out at the time because that car wasn't home). The food donations that need to be dropped off at the church...Sunday. How do I keep them in the meantime, and not forget them Sunday morning? Band-aids that need to go to school with my husband -- I bought them Friday, and they have to sit out until he goes back to school Monday.

Lots of little things. I need to accept that things will get cluttered from time to time. This is the second time in a week, and it doesn't seem like that busy a week.

Hang in there. It will improve. Deal with what's in from of you, decide what's important, get rid of the excess, and recognize that it's a long road. Don't regret being where you are on the road.

(I needed a pep talk.)

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