Thursday, February 9, 2017

Daily Declutter

Moving slowly forward. I cleared clutter off the bar. There are still a few things there, but by tonight I will clear it of everything except a pan I need to return to a friend. I will deliver the pan and some tangerines this weekend. Among the things on the bar are a box, a bottle and an oil lamp that I need to decide where they go. Clutter is delayed decisions. I just need to remember that as I go along.

Disposed of a cloth bag my sheets came in. I kept telling myself I would use it for giftwrap. Unless the gift was exactly the same dimensions as the bag it would look awful, so I went ahead and dropped it in the fabric recycling container. My nightstand is clear again, and I won't feel obligated to use an ugly bag next Christmas.

I've posted more items to ebay. I've been selling a few items, but I'm really hoping people will buy entire collections of things. I'd love to get rid of the box that holds the old magazines, or the box that holds old books. Or all the LEGOs. I don't feel I'm moving forward when I sell something from one collection, or something from another and still have the boxes at the end of the day, with other things in them just like the ones I just posted. I'm sure it will come in time.

I picked up a book on hygge from the library. I was hoping for something that said I could sit on the sofa, reading a book and drinking a cup of tea. If I did this then magically my house would look as immaculately clean as the Norwegian homes I seem pictured on Pinterest. Instead, the book tells me to get more exercise outdoors and eat real food moderately. I expect I will be told to clean my own home soon. I shouldn't be surprised, but the hype about hygge is different than the reality. Oh, well, I am enjoying the book, and I have a date with my husband to go walking after work, so that part is worth is.

My daughter got her braces this morning. I will be making soup for supper, tomorrow will be lasagna from the freezer. I'm spending a lot of my time doing housework and "mom" activities, like making smoothies for someone who can't chew.

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