Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Back on Track

Today is sunny and beautiful here, and my family (more or less willingly) is getting back on track. My husband is fixing a leak in the roof over the deck. The kids are cleaning their rooms and weeding a patch of the yard. I am catching up on laundry and generally tidying the house.

We are all valiantly trying to reduce the cookies that are cluttering up the counter. To a greater or lesser degree, we are all pitching in to the best of our abilities.

We dropped off five (copy paper) boxes of  donations at Goodwill. With a minimal amount of tidying, we should be able to park in the garage again. I think I will do that while the next load of laundry is washing.

It feels good to have a holiday, but it also feels good to be back on track. The clutter and general disorder has been making my family cranky. Each person (myself included) has had a day or afternoon of crankiness and general ill-temper. Restoring order to our physical environment, our diets and our schedule must help.

If you're tidying up after Christmas, let me know how you are progressing.

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